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Do guys like it when they see a girl's butt crack?
like when a girl is bending down to pick something up, but she has low jeans on. Cuz i have a pair of jeans like that, and i dont WANT my butt crack to show, but i really like the jeans. But i dont want to wear them if it turns a guy OFF to see a girls butt crack. and im fit/in shape...not fat btw. Thanks!
Yuck.. NO

Does a guy smell a girl's butt crack while eating her out?
This is kinda embarrassing, but when a girl is on "all fours", or they're 69ing, and he eats her out, his nose is basically in her butt crack.

My question is, girls, do you feel self-conscious about this? Or do you just make sure he is pleasuring you in a way that his nose isn't near your butt crack?

Surely he must be breathing her in this way.

well i would hope that you would take a shower before and actually clean that area. but most of the time guys dont have their noses in that area.
Is it werid to wanna see a girls butt crack?
i like to see girls butt cracks when they bend over. is that weird?
no, everyone has their fetishis... guess tjat's yours lol.
Girl showing butt crack, maybe thought underwear covered it. What could I have said politely?
So today I was sitting outside awaiting for my lecture to start. Down the hall, a girl was walking with a lot of stuff in her arms and had headphones on. As you might expect, she dropped all her stuff. She bend over to start picking the stuff up. However, her blue underwear was showing, and unfortunately didn't cover her butt up, so she was sporting about an inch of crack.
At first I just ignored, figuring she would feel a breeze and pull her pants up. However, some guys are snickering as they walk by her, pointing at her butt crack. One guy even tried to put a pencil down her butt, but saw me and stopped.
It occured to me that I didn't know what to say to her (besides, it seemed a bit awkward to tell someone their butt is showing).

The conflict was resolved when someone told me a guy put a coin down her underwear. She felt it drop in there, stood up with her face red, looked around, dug out the coin and threw it. Then pull her pants and underwear up.

What should I have said/done?
I wouldnt worry about it too much, its the past, I think she learned and that happens a lot. I would have said to her "Excuse me, your underwear is showing. I just didnt want you to be showing what you've got to everyone." Ya know, to make it easy for her and make her feel not so embaressed I would have made it a funny and less intense situation.
How do i tell my girlfriend that i have a thing for accidental butt crack showing?
i love her and she loves me but i have this thing where it think a girls butt crack showing accidently is so sexy ? how can i tell her to wear pants that show her crack because i like it ? i dont want her to think im weird but its something that really would turn me on, seeing her crack hanging out help ?
Just tell her. What's wrong with that?

Or if You are too shy and have some money to spend, take her shopping and ask her to try on low riders (you pick them). She would just love to have her boyfriend buying her a new pair of sexy jeans, believe me!
What to say to a girl after i saw her butt crack?
i was sitting in my desk at school and the girl to the left of me was letting her butt crack hang out as i dropped my pen right where she was she looked behind and said are you looking at my *** and i was like no i ain't like that then i looked back at my friend and she was like your doing it again so i was like if you don't wan't people to look at it wear a belt then she moved to another desk then the girl in front of me had her pants so low i was like she was sitting in her panties and she looked back and said why don't you look somewhere else instead of girls butts and i didn't know what to say but then i was saved by the bell and se hurried up and left what should i do monday
Say "I was just trying to figure out where the smell was coming from."

Guys: is it gross or sexy to you when a girl accidentally has her butt crack showing?
there both bad. but just wondering.
lol not sexy.
Why do people laugh and pick on me when my butt crack shows?
at school everyone calls me 'ms plumber' or 'butt crack girl' or even 'crack addict' because whenever i sit or bend my butt crack shows. i cant stop it from hanging out my pants fall down
someone took a photo once and like 4 inches of my crack were out but i had no idea! i have a huge *** and weird hips i think but why do people always make fun of me and put paper down there??
I deal with the same problem almost everyday my buttcrack hangs out a lot and one time someone actually stuck a coin in my ***, some people are just rude and mean.
This girl is being a bitchh to me because apparently my butt crack is always showing?
we always talk and stuff were friends but now in class she says my butt crack always hangs out and she says gross and eww n stuff and i said sorry i really cant help it i have a weird shaped body but she keeps being mean to me ?
Come on man... you can always get the longer t-shirts or try suspenders if that is your style. the tees are an easy cover up
Do guys smell a girl's butt crack when they're eating her out?
wicked embarrassing and awkward question, but i'm wicked self conscious. everybody's butt crack smells, and since they're so close, i was wondering if they can smell it. please don't be mean and give rude replies. i just want the truth.
if your on your back i guess maybe not? on all 4s then possibly... take a shower before though lol.

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