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How to become a teen model for a good company?
I am 14 years old, tall and skinny, and hoping to find a good modeling agency interested in a young, intelligent, beautiful, teen model. I have wanted this ever since I was a little girl and I'm ready for my dream to come true! What are some good links to help me in my pursuit of becoming a model?
Well it depends where you live. Search (example) "modeling agencies+New York City" on Google and they'll give you bunches of links. on their website there will be a submit or become a model link maybe and they'll have certain requirements and a form you have to fill out. keep on trying!

they will want head and body shots though so get those taken at a place like Glamour Shots.
Can you tell me ALL the scams in teen modeling? (NO LINKS PLEASE)?
I'm looking into modeling, Im 5'9.
There are so many scams
1 - any agency that requires you to pay for classes is a scam
2 - any agency requiring monthly fees is a scam
3 - any agency requiring you to pay them or one specific photographer/studio for portfolio shots is a scam
4 - any agency requiring portfolio shots before they have given you a contract is a scam
5 - any agency that agrees to sign you before you've been to their office 2-3 times and had a test shoot (at NO charge to you) is a scam
6 - any agency that tries to get you to pay to attend a showcase/expo is a scam
7 - any online job offer wanting to pay you upfront is a scam
8 - any agency that does not have an actual office that you visit is a scam
9 - any agency that advertises on craigslist, back of newspapers, magazines, banner ads, etc is a scam
How much would a starting local teen model make a month and can you give me a link to a legit san diego agent?
add any details you can
i just want to stay in the san diego area no LA or national jobs like that.
What do you think about Johnny Depp hitting on teen model? What do you think his reaction was?
Have a look at this link? What do you think about it?
We are studying media at school, I would like to get some other people's opinions in this before I write my paper. Do you think the girl is stupid, and did this to get attention? Do you think she considered the effect this would have on Johnny Depp's career? What do you think Johnny Depp's reaction to this was?

I'm thinking Johnny can get any girl he wants.....I don't buy the story..
Where can I find a teen modeling website?
I am looking for a teen modeling job. I am mainly looking for the Abercromibe and Fitch Kids Casting/ sign up page. When I went to the site I could only find The Regular Abercrombie Casting Page for ages 18 and older, which I am not. If you have that page or any other higher end brand's Casting page for younger teens please tell me! Links are appreciated. :)
How to become teen model?
Hi! i want to be a model more than anything in the word. i have tried to tell my parents but they think im joking. i have been told i could be a model cause of my high cheek bones and my eyes. i just dont know how to become one. i would be a teen model though. so my question is how to become a model? also take a look at this pic and tell me if you think i could be a model now the lighting isnt the best.
here are a few links to different photos the one in color is the most recent it was taking a week ago



Dont do barbizon it cost money, Find modeling agencys near you and send your pictures to them.
PLEASE???????Teen Model???? x REPOST?
Help Me???????PlEASE? X?
I know loads of pple have been asking this question but here go's
I want to be a teen model not for catwalks cuz even tho my parents are really tall (My dads 7 ft) im only 5 ft so wayyyyyyyyy to short.
I want to do like clothes advertising ect
Please give me expieriance, links, agencys, pay and other details
EASY 10 points
keep dreaming boo
Does it cost money to model? ( please don't send me links)?
Im looking into teen modeling.
No it does not cost any money to model, never ever pay anyone to model they should pay you, though it may be a bit of drive to your agency depending on where you live.
Am I too short/fat to become a teen model?!?!?!?
modeling is something i've wanted to do since i was little, I havnt done much except a few fashion shows for American girl but now that i'm nearly 15, ive been thinking bout looking for an agency. my concern is that im waaaay too short. im almost 5'4....see? incredibly short humph...my other concern is that im not skinny enough. the weight isnt exact but im somewhere around 93-94 pounds :( still think its a bit much if i really want a shot at becoming a teen model. any opinions? does anyone know exactly what the agencies are looking for in terms of height, weight, that sort of thing? thanks in advance =)

tis hard just visualize so im giving a link to a picture of mine, dont mind the weird expression i was just foolin round with my friends


my last worry is that my face isnt exactly gorgeous....im giving a link to that, all opinions bad and good are welcome. constructive criticism if you must lol


oh wait! thought of one more thing, i have hair down to my waist...would they make me cut it?
you are way too short.
and you dont have the look.
wait until you get other and more mature and grow into your features.

cut it out with that black eyeliner too..its looks horrible.
keep the hair long..that way they can do whatever they want with it!
How much should a teen model weigh?
I'm currently 5'7 and 86 lbs. Is that too low? I have lost some weight because I was sick and couldn't eat much. Anyway, I have braces now and i'm getting them off in 2 years. I'll be 15 by then and probably a lot taller since I grow about 3 inches every year. I was 5'2 or 5'3 last year. And I'm not all that crazy about food, so I don't think I'll gain much. But how much should a 15 year old model weigh? I'm assuming I'll be about 5'9 then maybe taller, I'm supposed to be 5'11 when I stop growing according to my doctor. Thanks! website links would be great to! :)
That is WAY too low - Kate Moss is 5'7" and weighs 122lbs and is the second highest paid model in the world. At the height of her career (before she had a guy) she weighed 115lbs

If you want to model, you are going to need to get up to at least 115lbs at your height./ And you are not going to grow to 5'11" if you are not eating enough - by not consuming enough calories you are stunting your growth. If you are not eating at least 1500 calories a day you are not going to get any taller

Don't believe any of the media garbage about 100lbs models. -- I don't know a single model signed to any agency who weighs under 115lbs. Especially now with all the criticism about anorexic models, agencies are now not signing anyone with measurements less than 34-24-34 because they don't want to be criticized in the press for promoting anorexia.

At your height, to model you should be 115-125lbs

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